Statement on School Shootings
June 2, 2022

Eliminating The Competition by Proxy

Four candidates for the Republican primary in congressional district 4 stand united against attempt to derail their campaigns via an election challenge by proxy.

In the final few minutes before the deadline Monday, April 18th four campaign challenge lawsuits were filed with the Arizona Secretary of State against the campaigns of Jerone Davison, Dave Giles, Rene Lopez, and Alex Stovall by Joe Kasa. This action attempts to remove candidates from the ballot thwarting Republicans from electing their candidate of their choice in the upcoming August 2nd primary. No challenges were filed for Kelly Cooper or Tanya Wheeless, the two other candidates in the primary.

The Four have joined together against this obfuscation of the primary in this blatant attempt to clear the playing field. The Four flatly deny the accusations brought forth by the election challenge lawsuits, repudiate their validity, and anticipate a quick resolution in court.

Upon examination, it was discovered that the individual who filed the challenges, Joe Kasa, is a relative of Kelly Cooper and appears in photos posted on social media with him. It also appears that Mr. Cooperโ€™s family lacks confidence in his ability to win a fair race. Moving forward, if they want to help his campaign, they should help him improve his likability and/or messaging, instead of filing frivolous legal challenges against his primary opponents.