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Border Crisis

A country without borders is not a country

Illegal Migration is Exploding

Millions of people are flooding across our border every single year.

Annual Border Patrol Apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Why thats a HUGE problem for us:

Drug Deaths

Illegal immigration facilitates drug trafficking across borders, increasing the availability of illicit drugs and contributing to higher drug overdose deaths in the U.S.

Worker Wages

The presence of undocumented migrants willing to accept lower wages can depress the overall wage level, making it harder for workers to negotiate fair pay.

Housing Costs

Illegal immigration intensifies demand on already scarce affordable housing, driving up costs and increasing competition for limited resources in impacted communities.

School Funding

Schools struggle financially when unexpected student population increases, due to illegal immigration, dramatically outpace federal and state education funding allocations.

Why It Hurts Mexico & Central America

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What We Should Do About It

Use the Military to Secure the Border

Deploying the military to secure the border can immediately halt illegal crossings, ensuring national security and sovereignty. A strong military presence acts as a deterrent against illegal entry, helping to uphold immigration laws and maintain orderly, legal processes at the border.

Deport Incoming Illegal Migrants Quickly

Swift deportation of illegal migrants who don't qualify for asylum or other legal avenues ensures efficient use of resources. This approach discourages illegal immigration by sending a clear message that unlawful entry does not lead to long-term residence in the U.S.

Fix the Legal Immigration Process

Reforming the legal immigration process makes it more efficient, fair, and transparent. Streamlining procedures reduces wait times and confusion, encouraging individuals to follow legal pathways, thus decreasing reliance on illegal methods and improving the overall immigration system's effectiveness.

Clear the Backlog of Existing Immigration Cases

Rapidly addressing the backlog in immigration courts can resolve pending cases more quickly, providing clarity and resolution for applicants. This efficiency not only aids those waiting for decisions but also frees up system resources to better manage new and future cases.

Civil Rights Leaders Agree

Iconic civil rights leaders from the 60's and 70's believed that unrestrained illegal immigration hurts workers and minority communities:
Ceasar Chavez