We Need Volunteers

We are building a massive grassroots movement, and we need your help!

Are you ready to get in the game?

Things you can do

Here are some things you can do right now to help Jerone get elected.

Tell Your Neighbors

Many of our neighbors vote differently than we do. Let's reach out and try to bridge the divide.

Pass out Flyers

Download & Print out flyers off of our Resources page, and pass them out at any large public gathering.

Attend an Event

Come to one of Jerone's signature "Red Wave Rallies", a Town-hall, or a debate. See Calendar for details.

Help Raise Money

Talk to people you know about donating to Jerone. Everything helps! Direct people to the donate link.

Knock on Doors

Knock on doors and introduce voters in CD4 to Jerone. We need door knockers the most!

Tell Everyone at Church

Help us spread the word about Pastor Jerone and his mission to stamp out corruption.

Cut & Post Clips

Cut 30-60 second clips of Jerone's interviews and post them on all your social media pages.

Make Memes

Make Funny Memes promoting Jerone and his issues - especially IBOR (Please keep them "PG" rated)!